Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ways of Displaying for Degree Show...

Several students of NUCA have used bull-dog clips to hang work, which is quite effective for interior display, as well as cost-effective. I've also noticed numerous artists outside the University incorporate this idea into their method of hanging work. However, I feel this method interferes with the work and I often compare it to Dark-Room photograph development hangings, as well as the binding of manuscripts and other documents. This in not a comparison, I wish my work to have and I also think it cheapens the quality of the work the clips display. I'm thinking of pasting my photograph prints to a backing eg foam board (cost effective) and then fastening to the wall by using eg sticky velcro (strong and cost effective). The foam board will also allow the work to protrude from the wall a bit and allow the work to literally "pop" from the white walls, giving the work a three dimensional aspect, that I find appealing and feel wont interrupt with the intentions of the work.

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