Sunday, 11 March 2012

On Working On the Bust...

I've been experiencing trouble anatomically, creating the bust of a Downs Syndrome person. My experience lies with middle aged white males. The anatomy of Sean's head is very unique and through study of his facial features, I am no longer confident I can create a bust that will be clear to the viewing public that the subject has Downs Syndrome. Especially since Sean's physical characteristics of Downs Syndrome aren't very severe. I was very willing to keep trying, however, and wanted to prove to myself I could do this. During a one-to-one tutorial with Mr. Simon Granger, it dawned on me that the bust itself might be the problem. I began to visualize it objectively and felt it may be too cold, inhuman and impersonal. It may also objectify the person being represented, the very perception I am attempting to disuade. I kept seeing this slab of a head, empty, a shell of the real person and compared it to my photographs and past paintings, which are warm and inviting. I feel I still have to ponder on the notion of discontinuing this work but am more on the edge that this will not be appropriate in regards to be intended message.

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