Monday, 5 March 2012

The Incorporation of Reflection in Contemporary Art

Light and Reflection- Lynda Cornwall

"There are amazing reflections all around us in the environment where two or more images blend. The reflections in these red, blue and green bottles show how coloured light mixes to produce wonderful secondary and tertiary colours.
The juxtaposition of these bottles might be a metaphor for how we interact - the closer we move towards each other the more we 'reflect' each other's 'colours' or personalities." (Cornwall) 

Light and Reflection, Lynda Cornwall

Light and Reflection, Lynda Cornwall

Cornwall's interpretation of reflections, is interesting as she personifies the reaction between light and colour. The idea that humans echo one another in various ways because of constant interaction, explains similarities in family members and friends and the creation of certain cultural groups and even gangs. Similar to the absorption of light and colour through reflections, human kind absorbs the influences that penetrate the individual's senses and thought. 

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