Friday, 9 March 2012

Reaction to My Current Work

A lady, who graduated from NUCA in 2009, with Sarah Faulkes (a fellow-participant artist of the Art Of Norwich Exhibition) asked which work belonged to me, whilst I was invigilating the exhibition on Friday, March 9th, 2012.

I told her which work was mine and she said, "I didn't mention it in your comments book but I found I couldn't look at him. We've been trained to not stare at people who are ill or have challenges and because of that I couldn't even look at him." (approximate quote)

It was very refreshing to hear an honest reaction to the work. She obviously felt uncomfortable writing it, perhaps as she may have thought I would have gotten the wrong impression of her reaction. However, by telling me verbally she was able to get across sincerely, what she felt. I realised that this reaction would be likely amoung certain viewers, if not all viewers. The effort is to allow persons with various disabilities enough exposure to curve these reactions and create new, more realistic perceptions of persons with disabilities. As another commenter (written in my comments book) said, "there needs to be more work like this."

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