Monday, 5 March 2012

Robyn Woolston

Robyn Woolston, Part of Artist Statement: 
"A new set of meta-narratives, that runs counter to our post-modern disregard of overarching belief systems, is playing out within our emotions, behaviours and responses:
I am in deficit, I am weak
I purchase, I am fulfilled
We're safe - We're at risk
You're one of us - You are 'other'
You're a fellow human - You are a terrorist
I don't fit in, I am an outsider
I become more like you, I am a part of your collective"

What intrigues me about Woolston's work is the separation between people's consciousnesses that are collectively put into two separate groups where each person finds themselves being a part of each group at different points in their life. Part of the 'them and us' scenario. 

'Smart Price' (2012) - Threshold Festival, Liverpool

132,000 plastic knives and forks

5280 pieces of plastic packaging

330 cardboard boxes

3 letters / harvested from the (now bankrupt) Liverpool Habitat sign

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