Sunday, 11 March 2012

Prepping for the Degree Show...

In order to prepare for what is most suitable for the Degree Show, I took part in the Art Of Norwich Exhibition and it helped me to realize that traditional prints and framing may not be best for the Degree Show. As, I kept revisiting the exhibition, I felt more and more strongly that the framing helped separate the photographs too much and this segregation most likely, interrupted the intentions of the work. However, an attendant of the show, mentioned to me that before reading my pamphlet that described my intentions, he could clearly see what I was attempting to achieve. It was clear, Sean was looking at himself and also at the viewer engaging the eye, cyclically. This attendant, Liam Poole, writes reviews for the Ip1 magazine ( that discusses art, music, writing and fashion of Ipswich. Therefore, he is used to quickly surmising the intentions of work and delivering the qualities through written word to his readers. However, I was still very pleased to hear an audience member's feedback on this particular aspect.

Regardless, I know I need to present my work as minimalistic as possible, with no interruptions from the method of displaying. I intend to print various sizes of the photos and test hanging them in my space chosen for the Degree Show (Area 13). I'd like to have this done and prepared for a meeting with Mr. Simon Granger. He pointed out to me during a meeting that the work should speak for itself and not need descriptive pamphlets. I am quite a sucker for including these as I never want any audience member to feel confused, even just one person. However, he is absolutely right and I feel, the work does speak for itself but must be presented appropriately so that the intentions are not lost or misinterpreted.

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