Monday, 23 April 2012

Yinka Shonibare and his "Crisis" Entry in "The Crisis Commission"

His interest lies not only in differences associated in disability culture but in ethnic cultural difference, often merging his Nigerian background and British upbringing into his artwork; as well as other cultural influences such as Indonesian fabrics. Shonibare, when in interview with Kate Kellaway, Observer, explained his artwork, “Crisis” (The Crisis Commission Exhibition: London, March 14th – April 22nd, 2012) with the intention of it to rouse “empathy in those who have for those who do not..There is always a possibility your wealthy world could come crashing down anytime.” Unaware to the extent of how his disability (transverse myelitis) and/or the concept of disability has affected his work, his worries are consistent with that of homelessness. The hardships associated with finding work are multiplied when one has a disability and often high medical bills lead to homelessness. His fascination with culture and identity can be linked quite close to that of disability through homelessness, as this resolution is often avoidable through the support of your family, your direct link to personal culture, influence and identity. 

Yinka Shonibare "Crisis" 

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