Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Personal Reaction to the 'Shifting Perspectives', ongoing, travelling exhibition.

Public exhibitions have created a larger audience following and allowed for wider exposure.
Another approach at achieving wide exposure is continual or permanent exhibition. Through
photography, Shifting Perspectives, an ongoing, traveling exhibition has allowed artists, such
as Richard Bailey and Fiona Yarron-Field, an international platform to present political
awareness of learning disability, specifically people with Downs Syndrome. What is most
interesting is the invitation to photographers with Downs to use the exhibition as an
opportunity to exhibit their own work. The exhibiting team, therefore, creates an
exemplification on equality for disabled and non-disabled artists, through use of the annual
competition for photographers with Downs Syndrome. Having the annual, well-advertised
competition allows the public to be aware of such opportunities presented to people with
disabilities and perhaps affecting their perceptions without even seeing the work. (Down-
Syndrome.org.uk) Other opportunities are well focused to the public, such as Shape Arts'
upcoming Open Exhibition, with the theme being any work related to any definition or
meaning of disability. Initiatives such as these continue to not only support arts for the
disabled but open up peoples minds to further developing opportunities and normalizing the
reality of disability. (shapearts.org.uk)

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