Monday, 16 April 2012

Wolfgang Tillmans and Avi Gupta Method of Hanging

Mr. Simon Granger, tutor, suggested exploration into Wolfgang Tillman's methods of hanging to coincide with my ideas for a minimalist approach to hanging. After contacting Galerie Buchholz, Berlin, Michael Kerkmann, kindly sent me an illustrated instructional sheet of how Tillmans hangs his unframed c-prints. Before I print my final pieces for hanging in the Degree Show, I will do a 'Tillman Test' to see how this method suits my work.

Part of the Illustrated Instructions of Wolfgang Tillman's Unframed Hanging Methods.

After attending the "There is Here: Photographs by Avi Gupta" exhibition at the Sainsbury's Centre for the Visual Arts (SCVA), I quite enjoyed the method of exhibiting. I am not entirely sure how its achieved so I contacted SCVA's curator of the show, Emily Crane and am awaiting her reply. The image is thick and protrudes slightly from the wall. Although producing the exact method may be difficult and/or expensive, I have considered a cost-effective similar method. If a regular c-print is pasted to a thick art board and then styrofoam (smaller in dimension than the board) pasted at the back, will allow the photograph to remain stiff while the styrofoam will allow the image to protrude from the wall. This way, framing still doesn't affect the work being contained but the work is emphasised.

UPDATE: Emily Crane's reply back, regarding Avi Gupta's installation.

Thanks for your positive feedback- I'm glad you enjoyed the show!  We used a jet printer with filters onto gloss paper, (done in washington), and then in the uk they were mounted onto diabond, with subframes behind to mount them on the wall, and then finally a matt seal was provided to get the matt finished and to help protect the images with a uv filter. We used metro imaging for everything but the printing, a great professional company in London, and further details of materials are on their website. 

Best wishes and good luck with your final show,


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