Monday, 23 April 2012

Damien Hirst's "Virgin Mother"

After viewing Damen Hirst's “Virgin Mother”, I soon developed the concept of producing a Bust where the brain would be exposed. Therefore, I feel this development may have been inspired by this work. Although, not associated with or pertaining to disability concepts, the dissection of the body, in order to reveal the physical nature of the inner body, allowed me to consider the concept that all inner functions of the body were usually physically identical, at least to the untrained eye. The inner body forces a universal link between all ethnicities and various diversities in the human race. Damien Hirst's “Virgin Mother” humanizes a holy symbol, and elevated symbol. I felt, just as Hirst has humanised religious figures, perhaps this is the answer to humanising and normalising people who have disability. Later, I would realise this concept wasn't right and would end up objectifying the subject. It humanised the Virgin Mother, as she was already elevated in status but since people with disability are not commonly elevated but rather de-elevated members of society, my approach would only de-evaluate them as members of a complicated society.

"Virgin Mother" by Damien Hirst 

On further inspection of Hirst's work, “Virgin Mother”, I associated it with medical study and studies of Leonardo Da Vinci. I ended up reverting it back to a more simplified artwork, that non—specialist members of society may do and was happy with this association as I felt, I was trying to relate with audience members. 

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