Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Reflection of Self and Societal Image Tests/Concepts

The Below Tests and Concepts were derived from inspiration of Arne Svenson's About Face Photographic work/series. 

A list of adjectives are posted on the mirror wall. A photo of Sean is pasted to the side of the mirror and positioned in such a way to be reviewing the words listed. Some are positive and some are negative words which Sean has heard either in reference to himself or others.

A Photo of Sean, with stereotypical words written on his face is posted to the mirror wall, whilst another pasted image of Sean looks at himself, producing a reenactment of his psyche. 

A note on the wall reveals a memory from Sean's and my past. The note reads, "I remember Mum telling Sean he had been misbehaving so his punishment was not being able to go to Church. He wept so furiously from hearing this that Mum still took him to Church."

A sculpture of a man faces a mirror, reflecting on himself. The mirror, allows the onlooker to see themselves, involving themselves in this private experience. The onlooker must look into the mirror, if they wish to see the face of the subject in its reflection; this mode of curiosity is linked to people's initial social connections. What effect does this have on the subject? Here, the mergence of self-reflection and societal interjection intertwine, a collaboration between art and audience. 

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