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-Double Exposure Photographs by Dan Mountford
These works were fundamental in deciding to approach double exposure photography once again in attempt to merge ideas and images.

Dan Mountford, Double Exposure Example

-Wolfgang Tillman's Method of Installing Photographs
Tillman's minimalist approach to exhibiting work influenced my method of Degree Show mounting.

Wolfgang Tillmans Example of Minimalist Approach to Installation

-Shifting Perspectives ongoing, travelling, photographic Exhibition
This exhibition with photographers such as Richard Bailey, Fiona Bailey and Fiona Yaron-Field held a body of work concerning varied aspects of Down's Syndrome. Shifting Perspectives concreted the importance of my own practice.

Examples of past 'Shifting Perspectives' Exhibitions

-Arne Svenson's 'About Face'
This particular collection of works showed me the invaluable medium of photography, particularly in portraiture, the inventive way of teaching an audience about Autism, without being preachy or too bold.

Arne Svenson's 'About Face'


-The studio arrangement of original black and white photographs allowed me to discover the interaction 2D images can have with one another and with the onlooker.

In order to create a Bust, photos taken of Sean were pinned on the wall in my studio. It would become evident the photographs were more powerful than other mediums. 

-The Art Of Norwich 21 personal exhibition, “Reflection of Self and Societal Image” curated at the Church of Art allowed me to see how the installation of work was vital and could very easily affect the artists original intentions. The use of frames was detracted from the Degree Show planning and I would now look at more minimalist methods.

"Reflection of Self and Societal Image" personal exhibition used for tests and experimentation for the Degree Show.

-Rather than simply allowing the installation of works to promote reflection, I decided to merge images into one so that each work held a unique point of view, such as the social position Sean Gray has held and currently holds. As a result, my skills in digital photograph editing has grown immensely. Online Training sources were essential to my development, namely "IceflowStudios", Online Design Training, which I was able to resource free of charge. http://www.iceflowstudios.com/

Example of final BA8 practice production. 

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