Saturday, 18 February 2012

Self-Reflection and Societal Affects on Self-Image

The idea of reflection of self and societal affects on reflection, in consideration of the individual with learning disabilities. 
Those who are mentally and physically challenged, are so for uncontrollable reasons and must, as result of ostracism, continue to evolve their social identities and self image as it is reflected to them by others and to others. 

The photographs of Sean's head from different angles can be arranged as though Sean is looking at himself and at the viewer, his social identity and his self image, are being reflected on, by him. This series, "The Reflection of Self and Societal Image", the subject (Sean) appears to be examining himself, aware of his environment, his viewer and analyzing the viewer, whilst the viewer is reflecting on him. The arrangement of photographs, allow the cyclical, multifaceted relationship between self and society interaction. The key element is Sean's condition. Does Sean, having Downs Syndrome make this interaction, an even more dynamic subject? The photos are stills of a velocious,  propelled and ever-recurrent relationship that are made even more complicated when an individual exudes the quality of "otherness". 

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