Thursday, 3 November 2011

Righting Misconceptions Description (Re-Written)

Sean and Anne-Marie Gray's work are juxtaposed in content but are interdependent of one another in their production and deliverance. Sean's work took place in the presence of Anne-Marie and therefore was influenced by her presence. Additionally, his entire surroundings, his home in the Cayman Islands, were his influence. The vivid colours and whimsical stroke of his brush represent the illuminating serenity present at the islands core.
Anne-Marie's work was directly linked to Sean, in an attempt to pull off the shade of stereotype and prove how capable people with Down Syndrome are. By documenting her brother's process and using him as content in her work, she and her brother are made vulnerable, creating a closer relationship between artists, content and audience.
By creating a collaborative exhibition, where their work is displayed alongside one another, there is an exemplification on the need for equality for artists with learning disabilities. "Artists with learning disabilities, should be regarded as no more special nor less significant as artists because of their condition. They should be respected for their craft, as we would respect any artist." (A. Gray)

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