Thursday, 3 November 2011

Collaboration and Participation: A Personal Reflection

This school term, I've been involved, participated and collaborated with students from NUCA, as well as my brother Sean in my current practice. Its interesting to compare/contrast the varied collaborations in the presence of the other person(s) or lack there of. 
                                               Collaborative Artists, Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Relation in Time
Collaboration with Sean Gray
With my brother, the work was produced together and my photographic documentation is the very proof of our participative collaboration. Our work was interdependent in an exhibitory setting put separately were very juxtaposed in content. This separation drove me to consider how our work could be fused into one. Photography is a subjective, truthful medium that can be used collaboratively, especially by using the double exposure technique. This technique forces two photographs into one, a fusion of ideas and content. 
Collaboration with Lizi Williams
Working on story and structure with Lizi Williams is a contemplative and stress-free venture. She assigned me a task with little direction and no deadline, which provided me with complete artistic expression. However, she did influence my work, only by pointing out that we were from two different cultures and it would be interesting to see the differences in our story. I thought incorporating some element of my Caymanian culture into the story would juxtapose our stories even more, which may prove more challenging for each of us and provide both of us with a learning curve.
Making the two main characters coconuts helped me consider other future children's stories. However, I attempted a more dark comedic approach with "Getting Back Up the Coconut Tree", as I have never written anything of this nature before and wanted to challenge myself. Because of this challenge, although pleased with my work, I was unsure of what other readers might think of it and who the targeted audience would be. 
Collaboration with Freddy Diaz and Clarice Diaz
Working on Children's literature and artwork is a new venture for me but working with such a supporting team, Freddy Diaz and Clarice Diaz, that have provided much encouragement and guidance has strengthened my writing and artistic abilities. My illustration skills were lacking, I had been instructed in traditional fine art methods so "cartooning" or illustrating and digital colouring were brand new for me, this term. 

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