Friday, 19 October 2012

Sketch Book Project Ideas

Being ill and off work for five days, I've had time to medicate, sleep and think. I've researched and been interested into several artists, whom are new to me and into various projects and competitions taking place.

Resource 1: The Sketch Book Project

The Sketch Book Project could be something Sean involves his art (produced in art therapy sessions) with and would allow him to have work exhibited in the Brooklyn Art Library. Alternatively we could collaborate and both include our work in the same sketch book. I feel, in order to do this we'd have to think of a theme or perhaps just use each page as a session of therapy for each of us. One page could express Sean's mood and the other mine. I enjoy the techniques found and shown below:

Through my research, I found artist DrFraken and found his work stirring and magically eerie. This installation below could inspire a sketch book project idea where perhaps artists and non-artists get involved on the island or maybe if Sean and I start something that we want to continue with and exhibit all together. Its an interesting idea and curatorial technique. 

Installation by DrFraken

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